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1. Determine your staffing needs. Your goal may be to hire temporary, entry-level administrative staff to cover for employees when they are out sick or on vacation. Alternatively, you might be in need of a highly skilled Web developer to help you launch your start-up product.

2. Understand the differences between recruitment agencies. Some staffing firms focus primarily on filling temporary administrative and accounting assignments. Other agencies place highly skilled professionals in short- or long-term contracts in industries like engineering and marketing. Executive search firms specialize in the recruitment and placement of corporate executives

3. Conduct a search for recruitment agencies. An online search using terms like „staffing agency,“ „temporary staffing“ and „employment agency,“ along with your industry and geographic location, will lead you to firms in your area.

4. Research various recruitment agencies. Gather information about their specialties, reputation and policies. Review the staffing agency’s client list. Visit the recruitment agency’s website or call the agency to ask for a client list. A long history of serving reputable companies is generally a sign of a high-quality agency.
Ask for agency references. Call companies that use the services of the agency to inquire about its reliability, professionalism, communication habits and other questions relevant to your industry.

5. Consider the dynamics of your communications with the agency. A recruiter’s lack of familiarity with your industry, excessive focus on agency profits, rushed communications and empty promises are reasons to avoid specific staffing agencies.

6. Shop around for prices. An agency that promises personnel at a price below market value might not necessarily be the best choice if it’s not attracting high-quality personnel. On the other hand, a high-priced agency might be paying workers very little and charging an excessive markup. Investigate these issues before making a decision.

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